Reference book

Those who are frequentanti are not required to study on the book

F. Weiss, C. Kaupa, EU Internal Market Law, Cambridge, last edition

  • Pages excluded (the 2014 edition is here considered): 23-32; 137-144; 191-194; 234-240; 275-286; 309-316
  • Please note that this book is available on the LUISS Digital Library. The LUISS Digital Library can be accessed from dedicated PCs in the library – for more information:

Alternatively: Damian Chalmers, Gareth Davies, Giorgio Monti, European Union Law – Text and Materials, 3rd Edition, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.
Pages: 39-56; 466-568; 667-703; 754-941  (sections of this book are available on the LUISS Digital Library)


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