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Francesco Francioni (Doctor of Laws, Florence, and LLM, Harvard) is Professor, emeritus, of international law at the European University Institute, Florence. He is a member (associate) of the Institut de droit international, a member of the Editorial Board of The International Spectator and the European Journal of International Law, and General editor of the Italian Yearbook of International Law. He has been visiting professor at the Columbia Law School, N.Y. (winter term 2013), Cornell Law School (1983-1986), Texas Law School (1987-2008) and Oxford University (1998-2003). He has been a member of the Italian delegation in numerous international negotiations and diplomatic conferences, and recently he has been appointed Judge ad hoc in the UN Tribunal of the Law of the Sea as well as Arbitrator in an interstate dispute between Italy and India. He has published extensively in the field of public international law. His recent publications include Access to Justice as a Human Rights (Oxford University Press, OUP 2009); The 1972 World Heritage Convention. A Commentary (OUP 2008); ‘Public and Private in the International Protection of Global Public Goods’, European J. Int. L. (2012); War by Contract (OUP 2011 with N. Ronzitti); ‘Diritto internazionale degli investimenti e tutela dei diritti umani: convergenza o conflitto? in La tutela dei diritti umani e il diritto iternazionale’, XVI Convegno Società Italiana di Diritto Internazionale (Napoli 2012); Enforcing International Cultural Heritage Law (OUP 2013 with J. Gordely); and The EU, the US and Global Environmental Governance (Ashgate 2014 with C. Bakker).


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