The course provides a framework for understanding and analyzing investment and financial decisions of corporations. The focus of the course is on fundamental principles and quantitative tools of finance, so the approach of the course is rigorous and analytical. The goal is to provide students with a solid conceptual understanding of the main topics of corporate finance as well as the quantitative tools necessary to participate in the modern financial world. Even though we will mainly present the traditional approach to corporate finance, also the behavioral finance approach will be presented. In particular, we will use excel-based models for capital budgeting decision, equity and companies valuation, estimates of cost of equity and cost of capital.

The concepts of the basic course of coporate finance are supposed to be already known by the students. Financial mathematics, statistics, accounting are prerequisites as well. A good knowldege of excel and of the basic financial functions is a prerequisite.

FINAL SYLLABUS (Program and Calendar), UPDATED May 16Corporate Finance_Syllabus_Cervellati_2016_17_FINAL VERSION

PROGRAM CHANGE: chapter 18 of TCF and chapter 7 of BCF will NOT be part of the program.


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