The objective of the course is to provide students  with a comprehensive outlook of contemporary diplomacy. In particular, students will be able to understand the transformative process of the diplomatic activity, in terms of actors, venues, structures, issues and critical historical transitions. Several case studies will be used to illustrate major diplomatic themes. The constant dynamics between political, empirical and normative aspects in conducting diplomatic relations will be highlighted by analysing basic concepts of international life, such as power, interests, values; roles, rules, identity, culture.

Among the diplomatic activities, the process and structure of international negotiation and mediation will be the main focus of the course. The course will pay close attention to the “how” of negotiation and diplomacy. How do officials conduct diplomacy at the highest levels?

Several case studies will be used to illustrate major challenges in negotiation and mediation, including the most complex situations involving disruptive non-state actors.

A blend of “field notes” taken from direct diplomatic experience and analytical contextualisation of negotiation will be a salient feature of the course, that will include meetings with high-level practitioners and a structured simulation.

Syllabus 2017 rev

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