Professor Carlo Fei – Fashion Management Program



Brand, Retail, Customer Experience: 3 related essential and strategic tools in the luxury/fashion business.


Brand as the most tangible of intangible assets: in the Luxury/Fashion Business they share between 30 to 80% of the total Company value. Where is the value? Which are the main contributing factors in the Brand valuation? How to maintain and increase the value of this fundamental asset? Brand values as the Company commandments. The Brand Identity Model.


Retail strategy: different options for different objectives. An overview of different retail models in the luxury/Fashion market. Retail Management, Retailing indices. Retail as a communication tool. Retail innovation.


Customer Experience Management (beyond customer satisfaction): From Traditional Marketing to Experiential Marketing,

Emotion as main human behavioural driver. Measuring the Customer Experience: the Customer Experience Audit (providing outdoor training). Building the Customer Experience in all the touch-points Brand/Customer: different practices (i.e.: Bernd Schmitt, Shaun Smith, Colin Shaw). The importance of an excellent Employees Experience to deliver an excellent Customer Experience: how to build and manage it, Maintain and enhance the Customer Experience through Benchmarking the Customer Experience with the “Out of the Box approach” to maintain an always innovative and surprising Customer Experience.


The Fashion Pipeline


Fashion seasons and turnover


Trends: how trends start


Style: creativity and inspiration as fundamental elements in the fashion business


Fashion Companies organizations and functions: who does what in a fashion company.


Consumer Behavior: why people buy things they don’t need?


Sustainability and CSR in the Fashion business 

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