PhD in Politics
Department of Political Sciences

Academic Year: 2016/2017

The course deals with European Union’s politics and institutions analysed and discussed from a comparative perspective. It is structured in six seminars lasting three hours each. All students are expected to read the literature of each seminar in advance and be ready to engage in a critical discussion with each other and with the instructor. For each seminar, after the instructor’s presentation, a group of students is expected to introduce the discussion, acting as ‘discussion leader group’ The discussion leaders will start the class debate by outlining their reflections and views on the readings and by proposing questions for discussion. In the first seminar, to be held on Wednesday 25 January from 9:00 to 11:00, will be decided each seminar’s assignments. Students will submit an approximately 4,000 words paper on any topic discussed throughout the course’ seminars. The paper will constitute 75% of the final grade. The remaining 25% is awarded to class participation and presentation. Grading will be on an A/B/C = Pass; C-/ Resubmit or Revise; D/ Fail basis. Seminars will be held at the School of Government.


The course is also open to the students of the M.A./LLLM in Law and Government of the European Union (MLAG).


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