The students are expected to take two written exams. There will be NO oral exam. The written mid-term will consist in answering five questions given by the instructor, based on the program followed till the day of the mid-term exam. The exam will be held in the class room on the week established by the Department for all the other courses. The final paper (take home exam)  will consist in elaborating one of four topics,  provided by the instructor, and should be based on the bibliography utilized in the course (and reported in the syllabus). The paper should be e-mailed to the teaching assistants at 13:00 p.m. of the eighth day after the official information of the topics on the instructor’s website.

The final ‘take home’ paper should be as follows. It should be no longer than 4,000 words (bibliography included); it should have a title (derived out of the chosen topic), an abstract of no more than 300 words and 3-5 keywords (this part is excluded from the word calculation); the Harvard or Chicago style for the references should be adopted. The paper should be divided into sections (each one with its title), and it should have an introduction and a conclusion.



The exam’s procedure will be the same for attending and non-attending students. For both groups of students, there will be NO oral exam. For non-attending students, the final evaluation will be based on a written mid-term exam and the final paper. Regarding the mid-term, the exam will be held in the class room starting from the second official day of the exam session (‘secondo appello’) and it will consist in answering (in two hours) five questions (based on the course’s program used for attending students, i.e. Week 8, Class 2 [see here]).  Regarding the final ‘take home’ paper, the non-attending students are expected to contact by e-mail, seven days before the official day of the exam session (‘appello’), the teaching assistants who will assign them two topics among which to choose the one for the paper. The ‘take home’ final paper will have to be e-mailed to the teaching assistants by 13:00 p.m. of the day of the exam. Thus, non-attending students will have seven days, and not eight days as the attending students, for delivering their final ‘take home’ paper.

Attending students that could not take the mid-term exam during the course for official reasons (attested by a specific document, such as a medical certificate) can deliver their final ‘take home’ paper as the other attending students, but they are required to take their mid-term (in the class room) on the first official day of the exam session (‘appello’).

Attending students who decide not to accept the received grade of the mid-term exam are not expected to deliver their paper as the other attending students on the week after the end of the course. They will have to repeat the entire exam (mid-term and take home paper) starting with the second exam session (‘secondo appello’). For them it applies the same procedure as the one adopted for non-attending students.

Submit the paper as a document file (*.doc, *.docx, *.odt, *.rtf) attached to an email. Your paper should be sent to both teaching assistants, Dr. Maria Giulia Amadio Viceré ( and Tiziano Zgaga ( Both the attachment and the subject of the email should report: “SURNAME AND NAME – IDENTIFICATION NUMBER – COMPARATIVE POLITICS PAPER − NUMBER OF THE TOPIC”.

Regarding dissertation’s thesis for the magisterial degree, the instructor will accept only five students, selecting them among those who scored the evaluation of 30/30 in the Comparative Politics’ exam. Those who scored less than 30/30 are not expected to contact the instructor. Letters of reference will be written only on behalf of students who graduated with the instructor.







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