PostDoc Researcher, New Directions in Plant Ethics – Department of Philosophy, University of Vienna.

Research and Teaching Fellow, Department of Political Science, LUISS Courses taught at LUISS: Population, Environment, and Sustainability (PPE); Global Justice (IR); Global Sustainability (ERS).



Ma University College Utrecht 2001 – MSc London School of Economics 2003 – PhD LUISS 2010


2010-present:               LUISS “Guido Carli” University, Rome (Italy)

  • Global Sustainability (2017-    )
  • Environment, Population, and Sustainability  (2011-     )
  • Global Justice (2011-     )
  • Theories of Globalization (2011-2013)
  • Climate Change: Ethics and Politics (PhD) – (2012-2013)
  • Environmental Justice (PhD) – (2014-     )

2012-present:                                 CEA Rome Center (Italy)

  • Environment, Human Culture, and Sustainability (2014-    )
  • Business Ethics & Management in a Global Context (2012-    )
  • Urban Landscapes, Sustainable Economies, and Innovation (2016-     )
  • Pain and Pleasure in Ancient Rome (2015-   )



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Edited Journal Issues

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