Program of the course of Principles of Civil Law

The following calendar must be understood as merely indicative for the contents of the individual lessons in that, for didactic reasons, during the course it is possible that a single topic is treated in a different lesson from that originally planned to schedule, or that it risults opportune to give more space to a topic rather than to another  one, with consequent reshaping of the calendar.


Dates             Topics

1)  12.2            Introduction. Notions of legal system and civil law/common law divide

2) 15.2             The Italian lawmaking process and judicial system – Source of law

3) 19.2            The Italian Constitution

4) 22.2            The EU legal system

5) 26.2.           Legal acts and facts

6) 1.3              Persons

7) 5.3              Legal entities

8) 8.3             Ownership and other rights in property

9) 15.3            Obligatons and elements of contracts. Invalidity, rescission and termination

10) 19.3          Trust

11) 26.3          Tort Law I

12) 29.3         Typical and atypical contracts

13) 5.4           Consumer law

14) 9.4          Trust II

15) 12.4        International commercial rules I

17) 16.4        International commercial rules – II

18) 19.4        Sales contracts

19) 23.4        Commercial distribution contracts

20) 26.4       Guarantee contracts

21) 30.4        Hints of Antitrust rules

22) 3.5          Tort Law II

23) 7.5          Hints of law of successions

24) 10.5        Hints of family law

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