Principali pubblicazioni

 Papers published in refereed journals:

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Papers published in edited volumes

  • (with E. Sciubba) (2007), “The Determinants of Individual Behaviour in Network Formation: Some Experimental Evidence”, in (Mohammed Abdellaoui – John Hey eds.), Advances in Decision making under risk and uncertainty, Springer Verlag, Berlino.
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Working papers/Work in progress

  • (with E. Sciubba and A.Conte) (2009), Strategies in Social Network Formation, Birkbeck Working Papers in Economics and Finance, n.0905
  •  (with  F. Botti, A. Conte, C. D’Ippoliti e C. Rosati) (2005), Rana, formichiere o un milione di euro? Il caso “Affari tuoi”. Un’analisi delle scelte in condizioni di incertezza in un esperimento naturale, Quaderni DPTEA n. 140.