GROUP assignments


NEW – December 18: final grades of the three assignments (revised version)





This is the list of all groups for the three assignments. Please check if you are there. If you are not listed there please contact Leonardo Corbo, and he will assign you to one group.

Rules for group assignments:

1. Groups are composed of either of 3 or 4 members. No exceptions, sorry. You need to practice teamwork. The final grade will be also affected by to what extent the reports are balanced in terms of quality and coordinated in terms of contents.

2. Plagiarism can get you in troubles. Please insert references of all your information sources. You can use APA STYLE 5 to do so.

3. In the reports, authors have to declare what sections did they write. I need to know who did what.

4. Once you are in a group you stay in the group. You cannot change group. In the workplace you need to coordinate with people of every kind. Get used to it.

5. Each group selects and analyses an industry (first assignment) and then a company within the same industry (second assignment). Eventually you need to select and analyze a key manager role in the chosen company.

6. Please respect deadlines. If not, you will get lower votes. Deadlines are important in the workplace.  See deadlines in the first lesson file.

7. Reports should be no more than 5 pages long.  Any extra page will not be read. Synthesis is very much appreciated in the workplace.

Keep up the good work!

Roberto Dandi




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