NEWS 08/01/2016

Correct answers of today’s written exam are here

Results are:

– 172601: 30 e lode

–  175281: 25,5

If you need an appointment to talk about it please email me:


NEWS 07/09/2015

Correct answers of today’s written exam are here. Results in the program page.


NEWS 26/06/2015

The results of today’s written exam and the computed average results (including participation and group projects grades) are online in the Program and materials page. 

Students who got “insufficient” are invited to set an appointment with me to talk about it. I am available on July 7 at 9:00 am in via Alberoni 7, first floor.  Please confirm by email if you want to come:


NEWS 26/06/2015

Correct answers of today’s written exam here


NEWS 04/06/2015

The results of yesterday’s written exam and the computed average results (including participation and group projects grades) are online in the Program and materials page.


NEWS 03/06/2015

Correct answers of today’s written exam here and here.


NEWS 18/05/2015

The grades concerning participation (class assignments and group projects) are online (Program and materials page).

Congratulations to all for the good job.



NEWS 14/05/2015

Attendance rate uploaded in the Program and materials section.

To those enrolled in a group and with an attendance below 80% (see the last yellow column): please contact me at if you have justifications for non attending class on some days.



NEWS 21/04/2015

In the program page you find a tentative schedule of group project presentations. Please let me know if there are HUGE problems with the proposed schedule of presentations.

The deadlines for sending the group project report to are:

  • Monday May 4 at midnight for groups presenting on May 7 
  • Sunday May 10 at midnight for groups presenting on May 12
  • Monday May 11 at midnight for groups presenting on May 14

Deadline for the slides: bring the slides directly the day of the presentation but still send the slides to

IMPORTANT: pls send the slides of the assignments as well to the same email address if you haven’t done it already.




15/04/2015 URGENT, please share this with your classmates:

As announced in class, for tomorrow’s guest speech I ask you to bring your own device for internet access in the classroom (smartphone, laptop, tabelt…)
Please, before class download and install the software we will need tomorrow:




NEWS 14/04/2015

Assignment 6 uploaded


NEWS 09/04/20915

The guest speech of Dr Worren has been rescheduled on April 16. Dr Worren asks to bring your on computer/laptop/smartphone or device with internet connection. It will be needed for some exercise.




NEWS 26/03/2015

The guest speech of Dr Worren will be rescheduled soon




NEWS 17/03/2015

The recent Google CFO’s quit note forces us to think more about work-family balance as one of the factors to consider when assessing places to work for.


NEWS 13/03/2015

The groups formed so far are in the page “GROUPS”. Please contact me ( if something is wrong or you want to be included in a group


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