NEWS October 14 2014

October session, Written Test: correct answers and results

See you at 2:30 pm in viale Pola for the oral exam


NEWS September 2 2014

Third summer session, Written Test: correct answers and results

NEWS June 20 2014

Second Summer Session, Written Test: correct answers and results


NEWS May 28 2014

First Summer Session, Written Test: correct answers 1 and correct answers 2

Since many failed the open question here is a correct answer


NEWS May 26 2014 

Group works results are online! See the password protected page “Calendar and course materials”


NEWS May 21 2014

The written exam will follow the model that I applied in the class Economia e Gestione delle Imprese (sorry it is in Italian):

You might find it useful.



NEWS May 20 2014

– Results of the projects will be uploaded by the end of the week here on this website

You are all invited to attend this workshop about organizational models of rehabilitation centers organized by LUISS Business School on May 23 at 6:20 pm in viale Pola 12, AULA 13. The workshop will include two presentations in English. 


NEWS April 30 2014

LUISS administration informs all the students of the 3rd year that on May 8 at 11:00 am in Room 200, LUISS organizes the Orientation Day (Giornata di Orientamento) for external students. Internal students who missed  their Orientation Day are welcome to attend it on this occasion.


NEWS April 28 2014

Updated information on group project presentations


NEWS 16/04/2014

We need to catch up the lesson we lost on February. We can meet in Room 205 on Monday April 28 from 10.30 am to noon. The lesson will be dedicated to group project works. Please be there!!!



NEWS 24/03/2014

Please read the article here by Monday 31


13/03/14 NEWS

Exam dates of Business Organization are May 28 or  June 20:

Session 1 28/05/2014  08:30 (Written)
Session 1 28/05/2014  15:00 (Oral)
Session 2 20/06/2014  08:30 (Written)
Session 2 20/06/2014  15:00 (Oral)


Group projects: please send an email to with the list of names and email addresses of your group by Monday 24 at 6 pm. Groups may be composed no less than 4 people and no more than 5 people. Please be sure to mix Italian and non-Italian students in each group.



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