Business Organization 2013-2014


This course focuses on gaining competitive advantage from organizational design. We will explore different design and management principles and models. At the end of the class students will gain skills on the basic principles of business organization design both at a macro and micro level.

The course should be especially useful for students who hope to be:

  • Consultants helping companies develop effective organizational designs.
  • Entrepreneurs looking to leverage organizational design to create strategic advantage for their companies.
  • Managers inventing new ways of organizing work and managing people to achieve their visions in any kind of organization.


Course contents

  • What is a business organization
  • Business organization design variables and design principles
  • Business organization and the environment
  • The business organization design process
  • Designing Macro-Structures
  • Designing inter-organizational linkages
  • Designing Micro-Structures
  • Designing vertical and horizontal linkages
  • Planning and managing human resources


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