Business report

Business case 1: NTV (deadline: March 8th, h. 23.59 – send to

  1. Which are the most effective metrics to measure the performance of a transport company such as NTV?
  2. Which metrics would you choose for distribution channels (both online and offline)?
  3. Which metrics would you choose to measure the customer experience in all of the stages of the so-called customer journey?


Business case 2: LOVETHESIGN

(deadline: March 15th, h. 23.59 – send to

Brief: when working in the e-commerce business it is paramount to define some standards KPIs to monitor and a set of measures that are specifically referred to a certain line of business and that help better understand customers behavior along the customer funnel.

  1. Which are, according to you, the main standard metrics to monitor in any e-commerce business?
  1. List all the main advertising tools that can be used to lead traffic and unique visitors to an e-commerce website.
  1. Which are the most critical aspects and the main metrics to monitor when working with an interior design e-commerce website?


Business case 3: Coca Cola

(deadline: April 5th, h. 23.59 – send to

Through its salesforce Coca-Cola HBC Italia sells its products all over Italy (expect for Sicily) and in its two main sales channels: Horeca (consumption away from home) and Modern Trade (home consumption). The business model is based on the good functioning of the store in boosting sales and consumption (sell-out) and, consequently, on the increasing growth of sales towards intermediaries (sell-in) responsible for the distribution and sale of products to consumers.


  1. Which activities do you think are the most important to implement in order to boost sales of Coca Cola in stores?
  1. Which metrics do you think are the most effective to measure the performance of the store?
  1. Which metrics do you think are the most effective to measure sell-in performance towards commercial intermediaries (retail chains, beverage wholesalers)?

Business case 4: LeicaBiosystems(deadline: April 19th, h. 23.59 – send to

  1. Why metrics and KPIs are important to properly run a business?
  2. What are the most relevant KPIs in a commercial environment?
  3. At which levels in the organisation should metrics be applied and why?
  4. Do you agree with jack Welch statement ‘Strategy is nothing without Execution’?
  5. Which do you think are the most important metrics for LeicaBiosystems?


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