(Prof. Francesco Baldi)


Part I: Basics

  • 1. The Aim and Scope of Corporate Finance within the Theory of the Firm
  • 2. Introduction to Capital Markets, Consumption, and Investment
  • 3. Investment Decisions: The Certainty Case
  • 4. The Theory of Choice: Utility Theory and Investment Theory under Uncertainty
  • 5. The Concept of Net Present Value
  • 6. Valuation of Stocks and Bonds
  • 7. Capital Budgeting Techniques
  • 8. Corporate Financing and Market Efficiency

Part II: Portfolio Theory

  • 1. Risk, Return and the Cost of Capital
  • 2. Capital Asset Pricing Model
  • 3. Arbitrage Pricing Theory

Part III: Capital Structure Theory

  • 1. Capital Structure and the Cost of Capital: Theory
  • 2. Capital Structure: Empirical Evidence and Application

Part IV: Dividend Policy

  • 1. Dividend Policy: Theory
  • 2. Dividend Policy: Empirical Evidence and Application

Part V: Corporate Liabilities and Options

  • 1. Contingent Claims
  • 2. Option Pricing Theory: Cox-Ross-Rubinstein Model and Black-Scholes-Merton Model

Part VI: Advanced Capital Budgeting

  • 1. Real Options Theory
  • 2. Corporate Investments as Real Options
  • 3. Valuing a Firm Using Real Options

Part VII: Topics in Advanced Corporate Finance

  • 1. Agency Theory: Corporate Finance, Incentives and Optimal Contracting
  • 2. The Market for Corporate Control: Mergers & Acquisitions, Leveraged Buy-Outs, Initial Public Offerings
  • 3. The Role of the CFO and Performance Measurement
  • 4. International Finance
  • 5. Open-Ended Issues in Corporate Finance


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