Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information:

Date of Birth: 7th January, 1974
Nationality: Italian
Address: European University Institute – Law Department
Villa Schifanoia, Via Boccaccio 121, I-50133 Florence, Italy
Telephone: [+39] 055-4685-406



  • PhD in Legal Informatics, Thesis: “Rule-based systems in the legal domain: models and systems for management and application of rules”, CIRSFID, Faculty of Law, University of Bologna, Italy 2006;
  • Master in Legal Informatics, Faculty of Law, University of Bologna 2002;
  • Degree in Law, University of Bologna, Italy. Thesis: “Legimatic tools and legislative simplification”. University of Bologna, Faculty of Law 2001;


Professional and Scientific activities:

  • Contract Professor in Logic and Legal Informatics, Leonardo da Vinci University, Pescara, Italy Oct 2012 – to date;
  • Contract Professor in Legal Informatics, LUISS University, Rome (Italy), Sept 2012 – to date;
  • Researcher, European University Institute – Department of Law, Florence (Italy). Main researcher on the European project ALIAS Addressing Liability Impact of Automated Systems), and its follow-up ALIAS II, Sep 2011 – to date;
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Max Weber Programme, European University Institute, Fiesole, Florence (Italy), Sep 2010 – Aug 2011
  • Research Fellow at CIRSFID (Interdepartmental Research Centre in Legal History, Legal Philosophy and Sociology and Computer Science and Law), University of Bologna (Italy), on research theme entitled “XML standards for modelling legislative processes in Latin American Parliaments”, Feb 2010 – Aug 2010;
  • Postdoctoral Resident Fellow at the Stanford Center for Computers and the Law (CodeX), Stanford Law School, Stanford University, USA. Main researcher on the project SIPX (Stanford Intellectual Property Exchange). Scientific Collaborator for the project SOPRI (Stanford Online Proxy Reporting Initiative), 2009 – 2010;
  • Research Fellow at CIRSFID, University of Bologna, Italy, on the research theme entitled “ Computational Model of Legal Reasoning and ICT for the management and the application of law”, 2008 – 2009;
  • Lecturer at Legislative XML Summer School 2008, European University Institute, Fiesole, Firenze, Italy, 2008;
  • Research Fellow at CIRSFID, University of Bologna, Italy on the research theme entitled “Systems for the management and application of legal knowledge”, 2007 – 2008;
  • Lecturer for the course of “Abilità Informatiche Info Web”, Faculty of Law,University of Bologna, 2007 – 2008;
  • Lecturer for the teaching module on AI and expert systems within the course of Advanced Legal Informatics, Faculty of Law, University of Bologna, 2006 – 2007;- Scientific collaborator at CIRSFID, University of Bologna for the following EU funded research projects: LEGAL-IST – “Legal Issues for the Advancement of Information Societytecnologies” (IST-2-004252-SSA) Specific Support Action (SSA), Sixth Framework Programme (FP6); ALIS – “Automated Legal Intelligent System” (Contract no.: 027968) Specific Targeted Research or Innovation Project (STREP), FP6; ESTRELLA – “European Project for Standardized Transparent Representations in order to Extend Legal Accessibility” (Contract no.: 027655) Specific Targeted Research or Innovation Project (STREP), FP6;
  • “Cultore della materia” (assistant) in Legal Informatics, Faculty of Law, University of Bologna, 2005 – to date;
  • Scientific collaborator at CIRSFID, University of Bologna, for the national project DiCSI – Le Dinamiche della Conoscenza nella Società dell’Informazione (The dynamics of knowledge in the information society), funded by the Italian Minister of University and Research, 2005 – 2008;
  • Knowledge engineer in the development of rule-based systems for the legal domain. RULEBURST UK Ltd., London, 2005;
    2005 Lecturer in the seminar on “protection of multimedia works” for the course of ICT law, Faculty of Communication Sciences, University of Ferrara, 2005;
  • Assistant and Tutor for the following courses 2004 – 2006:
    • Legal Informatics, Faculty of Law, University of Bologna;
    • Advanced Legal Informatics, Faculty of Law, University of Bologna;
    • Informatics for Legal Professions, Faculty of Law, University of Bologna.


Research Interests:

  • Law and automation in socio-technical systems, in particular liability issues in air traffic management and autonomous cars;
  • Legal informatics, especially artificial intelligence & law, computable models of legal reasoning and knowledge, software agents;
  • Legal theory, especially legal reasoning, legal logic, legal arguments, game-theory and the law, legislative drafting;
  • Computer law, especially data protection, intellectual property, open-source and creative commons, e-government.


Conference and Seminar Presentations:

  • “Addressing Liability Impact of Automated Systems :The Legal Case” seminar held at the University of Naples, 6 May 2014
  • “Liability and automation in ATM”, seminar held at the School of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Bologna, 13 December 2013;
  • “Classification and Argumentation Maps as support tools for liability assessment in ATM”, Third SESAR Innovation Days Conference, 28 November 2013, Stockholm, Sweden;
  • “Liability and automation in Socio-technical systems: the case of air traffic management”, seminars held at IDT (Institute of Law and Technology) of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain), 3 July 2013;
  • “Assessing Liability with Argumentation Maps: An Application in Aviation Law”, workshop on Formal Argument and Evidential Inference, within the 14th International Conference on AI and Law (ICAIL 2013) held in Rome, 11 June 2013;
  • “The Montreal Convention – formal representation of some articles” presentation as invited speaker in the “RULEML” workshop, within the 14th International Conference on AI and Law (ICAIL 2013) held in Rome, 10 June 2013
  • “Automation and liability in socio-technical systems”. Conference on Legal Perspectives on Resilience in Disaster Regulation, University of Antwerp, Belgium, 24 January 2013;
  • “Responsibility and Liability” seminar held at the Imperial College, EEE Department, London (UK), 6 November 2012;
  • “Remote Presence and Dealing with New Criminal Opportunities”, panel of the workshop on Emerging Legal Issues With Remote Presence Technologies, University College London (UK), 5 November 2012;
  • “Liabilities and Automation in Aviation”, Second SESAR Innovation Days Conference, 28 November 2012, Braunschweig, Germany;
  • “Liability and automation: the case of Air Traffic Management”. EUI Conference Mapping The Global Regulatory Space For Risk Governance, 29 May 2012, EUI, Florence, Italy;
  • “Responsabilità e automazione: il caso del trasporto aereo”. Incontro di studio “La responsabilità degli intermediari in Internet”, Università degli Studi Chieti-Pescara, 24 May 2012, Pescara, Italy, 2012;
  • “Software and product liability”. Workshop DigiTaL (DigiTaL Technologies and Liabilities), 10 April 2012, EUI Department of Law, Florence, Italy, 2012;
  • ” Liability and automation: issues and challenges for socio-technical systems”. First SESAR Innovation Days Conference, 29 November 2011, Toulouse, France;
  • ” ALIAS: results of Legal Network Themes Survey”. First SESAR Innovation Days Conference, 1 December 2011, Toulouse, France, 2011;
  • “Automation and liability in ATM as fundamental issues in socio-technical systems”. MT-ITS2011, 2nd International Conference on Models and Technologies for ITS, 24 June 2011, Leuven, Belgium, 2011;
  • “Automation and Liability in Air Traffic Management”. Max Weber Programme Lustrum Conference, 10 June 2011, EUI, San Domenico di Fiesole, Italy, 2011;
  • “Temporal dimensions in rules modelling”. Department of Information and Communication Technologies, Pompeu Fabra University, 7 April 2011 Barcelona, Spain;
  • “Fill the gap in legal knowledge modelling”. Department of Information and Communication Technologies, Pompeu Fabra University, 5 April 2011, Barcelona, Spain, 2011;
  • “Temporal Dimensions in Rules Modelling”, JURIX 2010: The Twenty-Third Annual Conference, Liverpool, UK (16 December 2010), 2010;
  • “Fill the Gap in the Legal Knowledge Modelling”, 3rd International Symposium on Rules, Applications and Interoperability (RuleML-2009), Las Vegas, USA (7 November 2009);
  • “Legal Knowledge Representation: A Twofold Experience in the Domain of Intellectual Property Law”, JURIX 2008: The Twenty-First Annual Conference, Florence, Italy (11 December 2008);
  • “Modelling European and Italian tax legislation with LKIF language”, “The future of…” Conference on Law & Technology, European University Institute, Florence, Italy (28 October 2008);
  • “Rulebase technology and legal knowledge representation”, The International Workshop On Computable Models Of The Law, European University Institute, Law Department, Florence, Italy (2 December 2006);
  • “Legal Issues of Software Agents”, EChallenges e-2006 Conference, Barcelona, Spain, (27 October 2006);
  • “HARE: An Italian Application of Softlaw’s Statute Expert Technology”, The Tenth International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law (ICAIL2005), Bologna, Italy (11 June 2005).


Organization of Conferences, seminars and workshop:

  • Member of the Organisation and Scientific Committee of the conference “ALIAS: A SESAR Innovation Challenge: Responsibilities, Liabilities and Automation in Aviation”, European University Institute, Fiesole, Italy (14-15 June 2012);
  • Member of the Organisation Committee of the conference “QAJF 2011: Proportionality and Justice – Second International Conference on Quantitative Aspect of Justice and Fairness”, European University Institute, Fiesole, Italy (25-26 February 2011);
  • Member of the Program Committee for the CodeX Speaker Series Seminars, Stanford Law School, Stanford University, USA. (September –December 2009);
  • Member of the Program Committee for the Workshop “Game Theory, Agents and the Law. New models for legal informatics” co-located with the International Conference on Legal Knowledge and Information Systems – JURIX 2008, Florence, Italy (December 2008)
  • Member of the Organisation Committee for the Workshop “DiCSI – Le dinamiche della conoscenza nella società dell’informazione”, Bologna, Italy (September 2008)
  • Member of the Organisation Committee of “The international Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law” (ICAIL05), Bologna, Italy, June 2005


Referee Work:

Reviewer for AICOL 2011 (AI Approaches to the Complexity of Legal Systems) thematic workshop of the IVR XXV Conference 2011; Reviewer for the MT-ITS Conference (2011), Reviewer for the Jurix Conference (2009); Reviewer for the journal “Electronic Markets – The
International Journal on Networked Business” published by Springer (2009).



Italian (first language), English (fluent).


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