Company Law Reaction Paper & Competetion Law Test

Company Law

Students attending EBL are required to read the list of papers below, and are invited to submit one (1) reaction paper to readings they are assigned during the course (please note that some papers require a joint reaction). Grades given to the reaction paper contribute to the final mark.

A response or reaction paper is a bit of a twist on a formal review of a book, artwork, or article. In a reaction paper, you do assess the item you’ve been assigned to observe, but you add your personal reaction and impressions to the report.

The steps for completing a reaction or response paper are:

  • Read the piece for an initial understanding
  • Re-read the piece and stop to reflect often
  • Record your thoughts and impressions in notes
  • Develop a thesis
  • Write an outline
  • Construct your essay

Papers shall not exceed 3.000 words (21.000 characters with spaces). A format is available: 029843 Potter Harry RP1. Type your name,  surname and other references in the blue header. Papers must be conveyed to prof. de Luca or to his teaching assistants in hard copy before Easter break.

You may react on the following papers:

Hamersmesh AND R. Romano;

Enriques & Macey AND Stanghellini

Hansmann & Kraakman

Blair & Stout

Hu & Black

Bebchuk [1]

de Luca AND Easterbrook & Fischel [1]

Bebchuk [2]

Easterbrook & Fishel [2]

Here you can find the 2020 Results and top 5 Reaction Papers

Lintner Angela E30674

Ripa di Meana Guglielmo 143403

Schaich, Yannick – E30636

Tata Federico 147653

Zappalorto, Eleonora 137673

Competition Law Test

On the date of the last lecture, students attending the course may take part to a written test on competition law. A positive result allows a student to benefit of an exemption during the oral exams (if taken in the summer session-May, June or July)

Find here the results for 2020. Initials and numbers only are displayed. Competition law test – Results

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