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Remote assistance (NEW)

Gli studenti della cattedra di European Business Law possono continuare ad approfittare dei ricevimenti in modalità remota tramite Microsoft Teams, al quale accedono grazie alle proprie credenziali Luiss, dopo avere scaricato l’applicazione. Il ricevimento del prof. de Luca ( si svolge al termine della lezione del giovedì, dalle 11.00 in poi. Il ricevimento del dott. Andrea Gentile ( si svolge il giovedì dalle 10.00 alle 12.00. Gli studenti, verificato che il docente è on-line (spunta verde) inviano un messaggio sulla chat e il docente li videochiama o li aggiunge alla videochiamata collettiva.

Students of European Business Law may enjoy of remote assistance through Microsoft Teams. After having downloaded the APP, they shall log in using Luiss common User ID and Password. Prof. de Luca ( is available after all Thursdays classes, from 11am onwards. Dr. Andrea Gentile ( is available on Thursdays from 10.00 through 12.00. Students, after having verified that the instructor is on-line (green tick), send a message through the chat; the instructor will then videocall or add the student to the collective videocall on air.


Company Law Reaction Paper (take home) (NEW)

Due to COVID-19 precautional measures, students are allowed to send their reaction papers via e.mail, at between March 31st and April 2nd, 2020. The attached file must be a PDF (word, txt, pages, or other formats are not allowed), named after your: Surname, Name & Luiss number (matricola). The Objects of your email shall include the same information (Surname, Name & Luiss number).

Remote attendance to classes (NEW)!

Due to COVID-19 precautional measures, all classes are held via WebEx. Students are required to log in before classes are scheduled to start. It is recommended to log in 15 minutes before class. Log in shall occur in the designated virtual rooms (either Room 19, or Room 15). Remember to stay-at-home (#iorimangoacasa), as you may perfectly continue with your learning!

Welcome to European Business Law 2019-2020!

The course will begin on February 12th. Lectures will be held every Wednesday – 11.00/13.00 and Thursday – 9.00/11.00 – – in the Parenzo building, classroom 19.

Teaching assistance (upon mail request) every Thursday – 10.00/11.00 – in the Parenzo building, Teachers’ Room.

The new Syllabus is available from here: EU-business-law-Syllabus-2019-2020

Students are required to complete readings assigned before class meets.

Competition Law Test

April 29, 2020; h.11.00-13.00.


Oral exams

May 16, 2020; June 4, 2020; June 25, 2020; September 10, 2020; September 24, 2020.


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