Dissertation in EBL

All students having an interest in European Business Law are welcome to apply for a final dissertation in EBL.

Before applying you may want to consider some simple rules and disclaimers.

Dissertations are generally written in English and your English shall be accurate (as prerequisite). However, you will discuss your dissertation in Italian. Therefore, be ready to manage double vocabulary.

Applicants are invited to propose issues they would like to develop as a dissertation (at least three). The title of the dissertation is agreed to based on the applicant’s preferences.

A good dissertation is concise (it may not exceed 100 pages), well developed and scientifically accurate: all sources must be checked and correctly cited under the Harvard style (you may download here a guide: harvard_referencing_system). A standard dissertation includes three chapters, a list of sources and an index; it shall also include a 5 pages introduction (both in English and in Italian) consisting of a brief and clear summary of the whole dissertation (this is written in the very end).

All students are supervised by a designated tutor, who guides you during your drafting the paper.

When you are assigned an issue for your dissertation, you will cooperate with your tutor first and then with your prof in the drafting process. In order to finalize, you must follow a given schedule and related deadlines.

Schedule and deadlines. You choose in which academic session you like to discuss your dissertation  (Final deadline). For each academic session (winter, summer, fall…) Luiss determines a deadline for the electronic upload of your final work (you may take into account past deadlines: more or less this deadline falls one month before the date of your degree) (Upload deadline). By this deadline, your dissertation mus be complete in full, as what you upload in the platform is going to be your visit card for your future (you shall be required to authorize on-line consultation of your dissertation and many recruiters will look at it).

To be ready for such a deadline your prof needs to have adequate time to read and comment your work: given the many candidates at once, it is necessary that you convey a hard copy of your work – this allowing to better read and take notes for you – at least one month before the upload deadline (prof. deadline) .

To be ready for the prof. deadline you need to work hard with your tutors. Together you shall:
a) agree the table of contents or brief structure, after your collecting and reading of all sources;
b) read and correct chapter by chapter (as suggestion: do not begin with the intro, rather from the core of your work, generally placed in the second chapter); your tutor, who is a volunteer doing else in his/her life, must be given at least 15 days for each chapter, so that he/she may read carefully and advise you (while you wait for commentaries, you may go on with your writing); bear in mind the August is designed for holidays: if you send a chapter on July 31st, you shall have it back by September 15th.
c) once your tutor has read and commented all, and has given his/her final OK, you are ready to print and give your work to me (by the prof. deadline).

You shall need to be well organized to cope with all these deadlines. In doing, so you will have a good work written and be ready for a brilliant defense, aiming at the best possible result.

Last but not least, you will be required to work hard on your oral defense between the upload deadline and the final deadline. If you are involved in some traineeships or stages (in law firms or companies), be sure to have clarified with your boss that your priority is a good result in your degree. Your scheduled meetings with you discussant prof shall prevail at all times. As suggestion, do not accept traineeships out of Rome.

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