Financial Economics (MaCoFin)

Syllabus (pdf)

Class journal

Lecture 1 & 2: Time value of money (pdf)
Lecture 3 & 4: Risk and Return (pdf) [optional reading: chapter 5 in Bodie, Kane, Marcus, Investments]
Lecture 5 & 6: Bond valuation (pdf)
Lecture 7: TBA


Interview to Fama (pdf)
Number-crunchers crunched (pdf)
What led to the financial meltdown (pdf)
How risky is the global economy? (link)
Occupy the mortgage lenders (link)
Last chance to save the Euro (pdf)
In defense of hedgehogs (pdf)
Bank Capital (pdf)
Contagion and the other Euro myths (pdf)

Files excel:

Lecture 1 (xls)
Lecture 2 (xls1,xls2)

File for discussion on TIPS (xls)


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