Format and References

Dissertation and Reports format, references


Please write your text in Times New Roman 12pt (or equivalent size if you use other fonts). Use 1.5 line spacing, justify paragraph margins. Page margins have to be 3cm on each side, plus 1cm on the left side for printing.


The purpose of a bibliography is to communicate to the reader, in a standardized manner, the sources that you have used in sufficient detail to be identified. Writing a good bibliography is important to recognize the work of other authors (avoindig episodes of “plagiarism”) and to highlight the sources you have used to develop your work and show that you are using different perspectives on a certain topic in the correct manner.


Citations can be done in two different ways:

1. Citation within text: author, data and other information are reported  in the final list of references (bibliography).

In this case the citation will be:

in text : “Knowing is wisdom” (Rossi, M.,  2007)
and in the Biliography: Rossi, Mario (2007). To know . Rome: Wisdom editions

2. Citation in note: Quotations are given in note and in the bibliography.

In this case the citation will be:

in text : “Knowing is wisdom”1
then, in a note a the bottom of the page
1Rossi, Mario (2007). To know . Rome: Wisdom editions
and in the final list of references:
1. Rossi, Mario (2007). To know . Rome: Wisdom editions


The APA Style is among the most used, but you are free to use the bibliography style you think is more suitable. The following website can be useful to identify different quotation cases:

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