Assessment Method

– written test 35%
– oral exam 35%
– team work executed during the course 30%
More specifically:
Students will be evaluated on the basis of:
• three intermediate works each accounting for 10%
• a final exam accounting for the remaining 70%
Intermediate Works
• Students will need to work in groups of 2 or 3 people (the composition is non-changeable over the course). If you can’t work in groups please contact us to be authorized to work alone.
• Each student/group of student wll need to chose a firm to work on. The firm is non-changeable over the course.
• All firms are suitable, as the topics of the assignement are very general and can easily be adapted to all cases.
• Each assignement must be of min. 3 pages and max 5 pages, written in Times new roman 12pt. • The topics and deadlines for the three assignements are:
– Industry analysis – to be handled on October 14th
- Business Strategy Analysis – to be handled on November 11th
- Analysis of a Managerial Function – to be handled on the last day of class.
• The assignements have to be uploaded from our website.
Final Exam
• Both a written exam and an oral exam are compulsory for all the students.
• The mark for the final exam, accounting for 70% of your evaluation, is determined by the average of the written/oral exam

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