Course Contents Students will first understand the need for a strategic orientation for firm performance. The course will then deepen the understanding of how each managerial function (Organisation, Marketing, Innovation Management, Operations, and Finance) contributes to the value creation. Finally, financial evaluation methods accounting for the value of strategies are introduced and employed.
At the end of the course, student will acquire the ability to integrate different dimensions of a problem and to apply both logic and judgement in analysing situations. Throughout the course, students develop the analysis of case studies relating to prominent companies facing the challenge of competitive markets.
Reference Books Volberda et al, (2011) Management (Custom edtion by Prof. Boccardelli), 1st Edition, Cengage Learning.
Course Formative Objectives The objective of the Management course is to analyse the most relevant issues and challenges faced by general managers that are critical for the short-term survival and long-term development of their firm. For this purpose, the course attempts to provide participants with an exposure to the challenges of managing strategically and to the complexity associated with general management responsibilities. It aims at developing personal capabilities, skills and attitudes to understand and cope effectively with these challenges.
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