Creative Industries and Business Model Innovation – 2013/2014

This course will provide the students with:
An analysis of the creative industries and of the operators and activities that directly contribute to the production of the creative content in terms of:
• Origination, which identifies the creation of cultural and creative ideas and artefacts to embed in a specific product (e.g., designs, songs, stories, pictures, scripts, games, styles, characters);
• Production, which encompasses all the activities to create commercially viable products (e.g., motion picture production, CD recording, TV production);
• Distribution, which allows the diffusion of creative and cultural products in different platforms and channels (e.g., broadcasting, publishing and sale of books, CDs, games, live event production);
• Consumption, which represents the final stage of the process, and endows end consumers with the opportunities to experience cultural and creative products in different ways (e.g., personal equipment like television sets, radios or computers, in concert halls and theatres)

It will then look at business model theory, value innovation and business ecosystems, in order to understand how firms in these industries compete and create value. Finally, current and evolving business models in each of the different creative industries will be analysed, applying a number of instruments through active case discussion.

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