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C.Blasberg1Christian Blasberg, born in Wuppertal (Germany), is since 2008 lecturer for Contemporary History, History of European Political Systems, History of Totalitarianism as well as German History and Politics at LUISS Guido Carli University. He has been visiting professor at Université de Montreal (UdeM), teaching modules on “La démocratie et l’extrème droite dans l’Europe du XXe siècle” (“Democracy and the Extreme Right in 20th Century Europe”) and collaborated with University of Heidelberg, where he gave seminars on Germany in the 20th Century, among them “Die Geschichte der Deutschen Erinnerungskultur nach 1945” (“History of German Memory Culture after 1945”). Other fields of expertise are the History of European Federalism, Germany and European Integration, Italian liberalism in the 2.Postwar (on which he published his PhD thesis in 2008), the French extreme right in the 1930’s (topic of M.A. thesis) as well as the French IVth Republic.

After his undergraduate studies in History and Political Sciences at Universities of Heidelberg and Montpellier, he has been collaborator of the Heidelberg Institute for International Conflict Research (HIIK) focussing his research on conflict assessment in the Maghreb and Balkans areas. Furthermore ha has been working as a free-lance journalist. He got his PhD in 2004 at University of Heidelberg.

Prior to joining LUISS he has been a Post-doc researcher for the Fondazione Luigi Einaudi in Rome, participating in various post-doc projects on the history of Italian liberalism in the 20th Century. He also collaborated with Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung Gummersbach, and Hugo-Preuss-Stiftung in Berlin, Telma-University Rome and participated in international conferences, a.o. in Chemnitz, Berlin, Rome, Reading and Siena.

Fluent in English, French, Italian and German, he is an international TV, radio and press commentator for questions of international relations, European politics and German, French and Italian affairs.

After many years as a collaborator at Upter University Rome, at LUISS he is currently teaching the course “Contemporary History” for the BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, “Comparative History of Political Systems” for the MA International Relations, Seminars for “European Politics in the 20th Century” as well as “Europe and the German Question” within the Master in European Studies (LUISS School of Government).

His publications are:


  • BLASBERG Christian (2008), Die Liberale Linke und das Schicksal der Dritten Kraft im italienischen Zentrismus,1947-1951. Peter Lang, Frankfurt/Main.
  • BLASBERG Christian (work in progress), Nicolò Carandini. Ambassador of a New Europe.
  • BLASBERG Christian (work in progress), I liberali e la Repubblica. Storia del PLI, 1943 e 1993.


  • BLASBERG Christian (2016): Mission Impossible? – Germany, Public Opinion and the belated Decision to send Prince von Bülow to Rome, July-December 1914. In: L’Italia Neutrale, 1914-1915, edited by Giovanni ORSINA and Andrea UNGARI. Rodorigo, Roma. pp. 469-489.
  • BLASBERG Christian (2012): Sozialer Liberalismus als Instrument der Macht. Die ‘Ära Giolitti’ und das Problem einer Nationalen Identität für Italien. In: LEHNERT Detlef (Hsg.), Sozialliberalismus in Europa. Herkunft und Entwicklung im 19. und frühen 20. Jahrhundert. Böhlau-Verlag, Köln, pp. 239-267.
  • BLASBERG Christian (2012): A Peace Made of War. How the Forgotten Wars of 1918-22 shaped the Order of Versailles – and Today’s Europe. In: PINHEIRO Teresa, CIESZYNSKA Beata, FRANCO José Eduardo (eds.), Ideas of / for Europe. An Interdisciplinary Approach to European Identity. Peter Lang Verlag, Frankfurt a.M. u.a. 2012, pp. 115-129.
  • BLASBERG Christian (2011): Neither Fascism nor Republican Loyalism? Some considerations on the impact of the Croix de Feu/P.S.F. on the French Third Republic. In: Scena Illustrata, July 2011.
  • BLASBERG Christian (2009), I liberali indipendenti e l’opposizione laico-democratica negli anni del centrismo. In: GRASSI-ORSINI Fabio, NICOLOSI Gerardo (eds.), I liberali italiani dall’antifascismo alla Repubblica. Rubbettino, Soveria Mannelli, pp. 285-308.
  • BLASBERG Christian (2009), Das Erbe Luigi Einaudis. Italiens Suche in der Vergnagenheti nach Ikonen fur die Gegenwart. In: Jahrbuch zur Liberalismus-Forschung.
  • BLASBERG Christian (2009), 2008: l’anno della RAF – senza terrorismo. In: Scena Illustrata, January ’09.
  • BLASBERG Christian (2008), La crisi del PLI. I liberali tra CLN e qualunquismo. In: 1945-1946, Le origini della Repubblica. A cura di Giancarlo Monina. Rubbettino, Soveria Mannelli, pp. 169-201.
  • BLASBERG Christian (2008), Liberali per il centrosinistra: Radicali e Democrazia Liberale. In: I liberali nella Repubblica: l’alternativa sconfitta. Ventunesimo Secolo, n.15, pp. 57-80.
  • BLASBERG Christian (2008), Schleyer – un precedente del caso Moro? In: Scena Illustrata, May ’08.
  • BLASBERG Christian (2004), Italienische Liberale im Umbruch – die Orientierungskrise des PLI zwischen Resistenza und Zentrismus, 1943-54. In: Jahrbuch zur Liberalismus-Forschung, pp. 193-220.
  • Blasberg, Christian (forthcoming 2013), The failure of the “New Liberals” in Italy after World War II. Political misperceptions and the missed leadership of Nicolò Carandini. [for DHI, Rome]
  • Blasberg, Christian (forthcoming 2013), Does Social Liberalis generate War? Giolitti’s Italy and the War in Libya, 1911/12. [for University of Reading]
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