Exercises (new, Tutorial 11)


First Tutorial, with solutions  — Sept 16, 2016  Tutorial1_2016 (new file)

Second Tutorial, with solutions — Sept 23 Tutorial2_2016

Third Tutorial, with solutions — Sept 30, Annuities&loans_withsol

Fourth Tutorial — Oct 7, Tutorial4_withsol  (Warning, here a solution contains an error: in Exercise 1 c) the investment is at the future, spot rates, it is NOT a forward investment. I will upload a correction asap)

Fifth Tutorial Tutorial5_withsol

Sixth tutorial Tutorial6_withsol

Seventh Tutorial7withsol   —-  The midterm will cover what done till floating loans included, a possible exercise being like the one at the end of slides 7. 

Eighth Tutorial8_with sol

Ninth Tutorial9_with-sol

Tenth Tutorial10_with-sol

Eleventh Tutorial11_with-sol



Recap  on interest rates and IRR  Rates&IRR

Loans (do the number 5 with care)  Annuities&loans

House mortgage, commercial from the web Mortgage -example