The US module examines the history of the United States by looking at the origins, development and evolution of its political system. By adopting a strongly thematic approach, the module aims to provide from the outset the perspectives to understand the country as it seeks a new mission and a new understanding of itself and of its role in the global community. In general terms, each number is equivalent to one period.


N1 – Making the US Great Again: Challenges for the mid-21st Century

N2 – The President: Role and Powers; Theory and Practice of Elections

N3 – From the colonies to the USA: A grand political experiment

N4   The key documents: Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, Constitution, Bill of Rights . Creation and development of the Federal Model

N5       Representation: States and Citizens, concepts and rights

N6       Laws and Courts: The Supreme Court; Federal and state courts; the role of juries

N7       Expanding territory

N8       Imperial Dynamics: Foreign Policy from the Washington to the Monroe Doctrine to T. Roosevelt

N9       The Civil War

N10     Expanding Citizenship: Blacks and Women

N11     From Reconstruction to 1914: The Progressive Age

N12     Global Power I: Wilson and the Great War

N13     Industry and Finance from the crisis to the New Deal

N14     Roosevelt and the New Deal

N15-16 Global Power II: The Second World War

N17     Cold War: Truman, Eisenhower and creation of a superpower

N18     From New Frontier to Great Society: Kennedy and Johnson

N21-N22 Victory and Crisis: Reagan and George H. Bush

N23     From Victory to Unipolar Crisis: Clinton and George W. Bush

N24     A crisis which comes from afar.


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