Teaching Material

Topic 1: The Welfare Economics of Market Power (C&W Ch. 2)

Topic 2: Market Power and Dominant Firms (C&W Ch. 4)

Topic 3: Non-Linear Pricing and Price Discrimination (C&W Ch. 5)

Topic 4: Product Differentiation (C&W Ch. 11)

Topic 5: Identifying and Measuring Market Power (C&W Ch. 12)

Topic 6: Static Model of Oligopoly (C&W Ch. 8)


All students are kindly invited to attend the Oct-31 and Nov-2 classes as they will be entirely devoted to recap most of the material covered so far during the course

The lecture scheduled on Wed 7 Nov at 12:30 will be devoted to rehearse for the midterm exam paper scheduled on Nov 9 at 2:pm.

A mock midterm exam paper is now available on the “Mock and Final Exam Papers” webpage


Topic 7: Dynamic Models of Oligopoly and Collusion (C&W Ch. 10)

The paper “The Economics of Tacit Collusion” (link at the bottom of the page – Additional material on colusion) constitutes an essential part of the course. The relevant sections are: 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 6 – 8 – 9 


Dr. Antonio Buttà – Chief Economist at the Italian Antitrust Authority (AGCM) – will deliver a lecture (slides here) on Wednesday 21 Nov at 12h30 pm (usual class schedule)

Oligopolistic markets and market dominance:

Additional material on collusion:

Topic 8: Entry Deterrence (C&W Ch. 14)

Main reference: Section 8.2 in J. Tirole, The Theory of Industrial Organization, MIT Press, 1988.

Charlie Brown and the value commitment:

Topic 9: Predation (C&W Ch. 21)

Topic 10: Auctions



Problem set 1: Part II – PS1

Problem set 2: Part II – PS2

Problem set 3: Part II – PS3

Problem set 4: Part II – PS4

Problem set 5: Part II – PS5

Mock exam questions: Mock exam – Part II