Mock and final exam papers (with sketched answers)

The Midterm exam is scheduled on Friday 9 Nov

Time 2:00pm until 3:00pm – Venue: Tutorial class lecture room

A mock midterm exam paper  is available here

Solutions will be discussed on Wed 7 Nov from 12:30pm until 2:00pm

Due to time constraint the answer to question 3 of the mock midterm exam was not discussed during the Wed 7 Nov rehearsal class. You will find it here

The following simple rules will apply to the forthcoming midterm exam scheduled on Friday, 9 Nov
  • The midterm exam is voluntary.
  • The course final grade will be the result of a weighted average between the midterm exam mark (45% weight) and the final exam mark (55% weight). The weighted average will apply only if the final exam mark is greater than or equal to 18/30. A “Fail” in the final exam will remain as such and the student must resit the exam regardless of the midterm exam grade.
  • The midterm exam result can be used only for the first two exam dates, that is, the one in December 2018 and the one in January 2019. Any student can freely decide whether her/his official course grade is determined by the above weighted average or by the final exam result only.

The grades of the Nov-9 midterm exam paper can be found here


Midterm exam paper with solutions (6 Nov 2018)

An (almost) mock final exam paper is available here (answers)